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Alveo Land Corp.

  • 100 - 500 employees

About Alveo Land Corp.

  • Construction & Property Services

What it does:

Alveo Land Corp is the largest land and real estate developer in the Philippines. 


As part of Ayala Land Corp, Alveo has benefitted from significant gains year on year, including a 20 million peso improvement in revenue between FY17 and 18 and steadily climbing earnings per share. Net income continues to improve.

The good:

Enough autonomy to learn on your own while working. Support structures in place to teach whatever info you may lack. Young average employee age and attractive salary lends itself to vibrant corporate culture. 

The not so good:

The highly results-oriented focus isn’t for everyone. Employees often stay overtime to keep up with the work. 

Hiring grads with degrees in:

  • Psychology
  • Business 
  • Accounting and finance

The story of Alveo Land Corp

Alveo Land Corp began as an attempt to address the needs of ‘urban achievers’, first registering on the SEC in 1995. The company was initially called ‘Community Innovations Incorporated’, which aimed to build whole communities rather than isolated structures. Ambitious developments like Verdana Homes Bacoor, The Columns Ayala Avenue and the Celadon Residences paved the way for further expansion as they built trust with clients. They then consolidated this trust by rebranding to ‘Alveo’, a derivation from a latin word meaning ‘to be well’, a goal they carry to this day. 

Career prospects

Sales is at the core of Alveo, so graduates from both psychology or business are always welcome. These are by no means the full extent of applicable degree programs, but those interested in sales, business and marketing stand to gain much from working at Alveo. 

While supervisors will guide employees to some extent, it’s up to employees to use their time effectively. If you’re someone who can see themselves creating their own opportunities to be noticed, this is a great company for that, regardless of degree. But results are always the most highly valued quality. You’ll need to combine that creativity with long hours to advance. Above all, you need a passion for community-building. 

The recruitment process

The process starts with an online application. If it’s picked up, you’ll usually be given an interview with HR, who will ask general questions about your education and work history. They’ll ask questions like why you’re a good fit for the company and whether you failed any courses at university. 

At some point you may face an online aptitude test. These are fairly general, designed to assess your personality, mathematical abilities and written communication. These are often fairly standardised, with sample questions available online. 

If you’re applying for a financial analysis or accounting role, you could instead face an exam centred around this subject-matter, so dust off your textbooks!

Next is an interview with your potential supervisor, who will primarily be assessing your ability to present yourself if you’re applying for a sales role. If you’re applying for a business role, expect hypothetical business cases. If they’re happy, you might be in!

The culture

Alveo is often called a ‘young person’s company’, best suited to single professionals in their mid to late twenties on account of the fast-paced atmosphere and demand for constant adaptation. Employees have the autonomy to develop their own processes, making it a haven for creative employees, but stressful for those who crave process and direction. 

Graduate employees are given mentors to guide them on their first steps, who act more like an old friend than boss, further amplifying the young atmosphere. “My boss trains with a mixture of letting you stand on your own feet, as well as giving you enough guidance,” commented former Alveo sales manager Sean Madlansacay. 

Mission & values

Given Alveo aspires to build communities and societies, respecting the people in them is at the core of their mission. This is reflected in their values, which include:

  • Pursuing excellence
  • Integrity
  • Customer orientation
  • Quality
  • Empowerment
  • Concern for people

They also have written expectations for their employees, the foremost being free communication. They want to hear nothing but honesty to continue improving as community-builders. 

From the Employer

A subsidiary of Ayala Land, Alveo offers a vibrant portfolio of groundbreaking real estate developments that provides upscale living and working spaces within various thriving and emerging growth centres around the country. Armed with sharper foresight, unparalleled excellence, total commitment, and an inherent passion and drive for innovation, the company is committed to providing thoughtfully-designed and master-planned living environments for the unique needs of its discerning market.


Locations With Opportunities
  • Quezon City, Makati, Taguig, Pasig, Pampanga, Cavite, Laguna, Davao
Hiring candidates with qualifications in
Property & Built Environment
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